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┬┐What we do?

At NINTAI Company, we create personalized and innovative solutions with the aim of generating a positive impact on our clients.

Customer inquiry

We define the buyer person of your business, to have a better knowledge about your client and give him a better service.

Investigation of new customer profiles

We identify new customer profiles to adapt your service to greater demand.

Increase in worker happiness

We carry out co-created workshops to optimize internal business processes and connect the skills of workers attending to a common goal.

Generation of solutions

From a first analysis of your business, we create divergence workshops using the Design Thinking methodology.

Improved user experience

We carry out an investigation on the behavior of your clients, to reduce the weak points and increase the satisfaction points.

Fortalecimiento de la marca

We manage to increase the loyalty rate of your customers by designing loyalty programs.

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It is time to reinvent ourselves, it is time to adapt our services to new clients. Start your transformation now, connect with different lifestyles.

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